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Parkesburg Borough Police Department

Welcome to the Parkesburg Borough Police Department's official web site. Parkesburg Borough is located in Chester County Pennsylvania, approximately 35 miles west of Phildelphia.

This site is designed to serve as a resource for the communities served by our department. Please feel free to check the following resources for public information:

Special Needs Registry  www.specialneedspa.org

Megan's Law website listing registered sex offenders.

PennDOT real-time highway camera system.


IMPORTANT-  102" width trailers/vehicles exceeding 28-1/2 ft. in length are prohibited on SR 372 (through Parkesburg Borough) west of SR 10, as posted.  Violators will be cited under PA Title 75, 4921 a  .         


Winter Weather advisory:  Major snow storms are possible.  Please keep informed through official weather outlets.  

SNOW EMERGENCIES are possible and snow emergency routes will be activated through the Mayor's Office and enforced by police. Those posted roadways will be monitored for illegally parked vehicles and violators will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.  Snow Emergency declarations can be found on the Parkesburg Borough website: www.parkesburg.org and through regional media outlets.   



DANGEROUS WEATHER:  When storms approach, stay alert to emergency declarations on Borough Website: www.parkesburg.org

Parkesburg Police are asking residents to help law enforcement by logging onto IDThisPerson.com to help identify criminal suspects.

Police encourage you to keep your property well lit at night and report ANY suspicious activity to 9-1-1.

DRIVERS: Texting while driving is illegal. Report Aggressive Driving to 9-1-1.

Contact the Borough Offices for Ordinance and Permit Information (610) 857-2616, or www.parkesburg.org.

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